Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to become a member?
It is free to become a member. We don’t believe in hidden fees.

Am I eligible to rent cars?
There are certain qualifications that a renter must meet in order to rent a vehicle:
  1. Must be 21 years of age.
  2. No more than 6 points on drivers license.
  3. No DUI’s.
  4. No felony charges.
How does insurance work?
Insurance is the responsibility of the person renting the vehicle. We require every driver renting a vehicle to have full coverage insurance. What does full coverage insurance entail?
  • 100,000.00 each person/physical damage (collision/comprehensive)
  • 300,000.00 each accident to be provided with deductible bodily injury liability not to exceed $1,000.00
  • $50,000 property damage verification/ use of other automobiles
  • Minimum of $80,000 damage coverage matching coverage of limited UM/UIM replacement for the vehicle
  • $500 collision and comprehensive deductible
What if I don’t have full coverage insurance right now?
Relax. We understand that many people don’t have full coverage insurance. It is easy to adjust your insurance on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis. Simply call your insurance company and provide them with our full coverage insurance requirements and they can adjust your insurance policy to meet your needs for the duration of time that you designate.

How do you know if I have full coverage insurance?
We verify every renter’s insurance policy before the pickup of the vehicle to ensure that they have sufficient coverage. We do this by physically calling the insurance company and verifying this information.

Can I cancel my booking?
Yes. You can cancel your booking by selecting the activity tab on your account page and selecting the cancel button for the rental you wish to cancel. The cancellation fees will be applied to your account for canceling a rental.

How much are the cancellation fees for canceling my booking?
For all booking that are done online.
  • 72 hours or more in advance of the vehicles pick-up time—$14.99
  • Failing to give at least 72 hours notice before pick-up time—24.99
  • Failing to cancel before the vehicles pick-up time—100% of daily rental rate
If you reserved your vehicle over the phone then the cancellation fee is 50% of the total rental price.

How much are the cancellation fees for canceling my booking?
For all booking that are done online.
  • 72 hours or more in advance of the vehicles pick-up time—$14.99
  • Failing to give at least 72 hours notice before pick-up time—$24.99
  • Failing to cancel before the vehicles pick-up time—100% of daily rental rate
If you reserved your vehicle over the phone then the cancellation fee is 50% of the total rental price.

*All refunds will be issued in a form of a gift certificate that never expires.*

What if the owner does not show up?
If the owner does not arrive on time, try contacting the owner to see if he is running late. If the owner is more than 30 minutes late, we will refund your rental price and immediately release your deposit.

When do you release the authorization hold on my credit card?
Your authorization hold for your deposit will be released 24 hours after the rental vehicle is returned to the owner.

Who pays for gas?
The renter is responsible for returning the car with the same amount of gas that it had at the time of pickup. The amount of gas is easy to record with our inspection form which is filled out at the beginning of every rental.

What if I go over my allotted miles?
If you happen to go over your allotted miles you will be responsible for the dollar amount per excessive mile specified in your rental agreement. This amount varies depending on the car you are renting.

How do I rent a car that benefits a charity?
You can browse through our different charity listings on our charity page. You can also search for “charity only” vehicles via our charity option in our advanced search.

What happens if I am late?
If you think you will be running late, please contact the owner to inform them. Tardiness exceeding 15 minutes without informing the owner can result in a full days rental fee. Your deposit will be returned to you.

How do I book a vehicle?
Booking a vehicle is easy. First create an account. Once your account is created simply choose a car from our selection of vehicles. Specify the date, time, and duration for which you would like to rent the car. The owner then has 24 hours in which to accept, deny, or modify the specifications that you have requested. Once the owner accepts your request, a temporary $500 authorization fee and the cost of the rental will be held on the credit card that you have provided for payment.

How much does it cost me to rent a vehicle(s)?
We are proud to provide you with economical rental prices. On average our rental fees are 60% less than what you pay at most rental agencies. This low price is possible because private owners who set their own prices provide the vehicles. Our booking fee is a small $8.99 applied to the total amount of each rental.

Do I need to clean the car before I return it?
Yes. Please return the car in the same pristine condition that it was in prior to the renting. Remove any trash or debris that may have gathered during your time in the vehicle.

What do I need to bring when I pick up the vehicle?
You are required to bring 3 things with you at the time of pick-up:
  1. The rental agreement
  2. Insurance card
  3. Drivers license
Can I let someone else drive the car?
We think you already know the answer. Absolutely not! The person listed on the rental agreement is the only one authorized to drive the vehicle. This means that at no time during the rental should anyone else besides the renter drive the car for any period of time.

Who completes the inspection form?
Both the renter and the owner must completely and thoroughly fill out the inspection form both at the time of pick-up and when the car is returned to the owner. The inspection form is found on the rental agreement. The purpose of the inspection form is to accurately depict and notate what and if any scratches or marks appear on the car before and after it is rented.

Vehicle owners

Is my vehicle eligible?
All luxury brands ranging from Audi to Ferrari that are not more than 10 years old are eligible to be listed for rent.

How does the insurance work?
The renter will adjust his/her current insurance to fully cover your vehicle in the case of an accident or theft. We personally call the renters insurance company to verify that they possess the required coverage to rent your vehicle. We also hold a $500 deposit from each renter for small incidentals that are less than $500. If the $500 does not cover the damage done to the vehicle, we will take it upon ourselves to contact their insurance company.

How do I list a vehicle?
To list a vehicle simply create an account. After creating your account you may list your vehicle along with up to 3 photos of your vehicle.

What happens if the renter damages my car?
Relax. We have thought of everything for you. In the event that damage is done to your vehicle during the rental process notify us immediately. We will file a claim immediately with the renters insurance company on your behalf, and if necessary arrange for a rental vehicle for you.

How do I receive payment?
As an Enalux owner, you will receive your payment via check. Paychecks are issued on the 30th of the month preceding the last month’s activity. For example: all money(s) generated in rentals during the month of November would be issued to the owner on the 30th of the month of December.

How do I donate my proceeds to charity?
Donating to charity through Enalux is simple and rewarding. The option to donate to a charity will be the last step when listing your vehicle. You are able to donate 5% - 100% of your proceeds to the charity of your choice. Simply select which charity you would like to work with and the percentage of every rental you would like to go towards the charity you have chosen.

How much will I make?
The amount you make varies on the type of car that you list for rent and how often it is available to be rented. Click here to find out exactly how much revenue you can expect to generate from your vehicle.

What if my car is stolen?
In the unlikely event that your car is stolen, we have you covered. Notify us immediately if your car is stolen and we will contact the renters insurance company and arrange for your rental car while the claim is being processed.

Will my car be safe?
Yes. At Enalux we have taken every necessary precaution to insure that your car is safeguarded. Visit our “How Enalux safeguards your vehicle” page to learn more about the policies in place to protect your car.

How do I cancel a rental?
To cancel your rentals go to your account page. Click on the activity tab and select the “cancel” option. There will be a $25 cancellation fee applied to your account. Three or more cancellations within a 1-year period may result in the closing of your account.

What if the renter is late?
If the renter is late please contact the renter to see if they are running late. If the renter is more than 30 minutes late you have the option of canceling the rental. We will cover the cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be 50% of one day’s rental fee.

What if the renter smokes in my car?
Smoking in any rental car is strictly prohibited. The renter is fully aware of all terms and agreements and is subject to a $250 fine if the no-smoking agreement is violated. If you find that smoking has taken place in your vehicle, please contact us within 24 hours of the return of the vehicle. We will review your claim and if we find it to be valid, we will add $250 to your account.

Do I need to clean my car?
Yes. Renters expect a clean car. In order to fulfill this expectation please make sure that your car is clean and that you remove any personal belongings prior to each rental.

Does the renter pay for the gas?
Yes. The renter is responsible for returning the car with the same amount of gas it had prior to the rental. This can be easily documented by filling out the inspection form provided at the beginning and end of each rental. If the car is returned with less gas than it had prior to the rental, please fill out the inspection form and submit a claim to us within 24 hours. We will reimburse you $5 for every gallon of gas missing.

Can I impose mileage restrictions on a renter?
Yes. You can dictate the amount of miles allowed per rental. We will automatically charge the renter $.20 per each excess mile. If you do not find our fee sufficient, you may set your own overage fee up to $1.00 per excess mile.

How do I set my rental rates?
As an owner, you may choose the duration of each rental. We suggest a range of three different rental options including hourly, weekly, or our 3-day weekend package. We also provide you with a suggested price for each rental option based on the make and model of your vehicle.

What do I do when the renter meets me to pick up the vehicle?
The renter needs to provide you with his/her driver’s license as well as their proof of insurance. Please check and verify that the information the renter is providing matches the information provided on the rental agreement. Next, both parties are required to inspect the vehicle and fill out the inspection form. All small defects or damages should be documented and agreed upon at this time. Once this requirement has been satisfied and the inspection forms have been signed, you may present the renter with the keys to your vehicle. At this time the renter will have possession of the vehicle for the designated rental time.

What do I do when the renter returns my car?
When the renter returns the car, please do another thorough inspection of the vehicle and complete and sign the necessary inspection forms.

What if I find scratches or any other type of damage to my vehicle when it is returned?
In the event that you find damage done to your vehicle, utilize the inspection form to accurately document the damage. After this has been done, simply file a claim with us within 24 hours of the return of the vehicle. In most instances, and in cases where the amount of damage is $1000 or less, we will send you a check for the damage incurred. If the damage exceeds $1000 we will file a claim for you with the renters insurance company.

How much does is cost to list my vehicle?
Nothing! It is free to list your vehicle with Enalux. As a private owner, we only take 30% of the revenue generated from your rentals.

Can I list multiple vehicles?
Of course! There is no limit to the number of vehicles you may list, and as always, listing your vehicle(s) is free!

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