Luxury Car Rental For Prom

It is prom season and time to start thinking about the big night. Here at Enalux, we have a safe, yet cost effect solution for your teenagers to make it to prom. Let our kind and caring staff help your children have an exciting and wonderful night at prom. You won’t have to worry about their care when they are riding in one of our escorted vehicles.


We are capable of making prom night an amazing evening for your young people. We rent Escalades that seat up to 8 people. Your child will be able to ride in style to dinner and prom with their friends. We have chauffeurs available for $50 an hour that is properly trained to escort your teenagers and their party to the dance. Our prices on chauffeured Escalades are less than a typical limo rental. Enalux offers the perfect solution to your prom night needs. Our professional drivers will bring a spacious and luxurious Escalade right to your door.


When your young people and their friends are riding in our vehicles that are escorted by our highly professional chauffeur, you will not need to worry about their safety. Our staff is prepared to handle your teenagers with care and provide adult supervision while they are in the vehicle. Our staff will only drive the young people at safe speeds and to the designated locations that you have specified. You will not have to worry about their safety on the road or poor prom night decisions they may make. When you rent an Escalade from Enalux, you can feel confident that your teenagers will arrive at each destination on time and safely.


Enalux is committed to you and your family to provide the best option for an escort to prom night. You can chose to rent an Escalade with the assistance of a chauffeur, or rent a luxury vehicle that you escort your teenagers. Whatever your needs are for prom night, we will make sure that you have a luxury car that is in pristine condition. We make sure that all vehicles have undergone a thorough inspection before they leave the lot.

Be sure to book your rentals early to ensure that we have a vehicle for your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the members of our team at 1-888-959-4161. We are here to assist you in any way that you need. Let us help you see why Enalux is the best choice for prom night rentals.

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