Luxury Car Rental For Prom

It is prom season and time to start thinking about the big night. Here at Enalux, we have a safe, yet cost effect solution for your teenagers to make it to prom. Let our kind and caring staff help your children have an exciting and wonderful night at prom. You won’t have to worry about their care when they are riding in one of our escorted vehicles.


We are capable of making prom night an amazing evening for your young people. We rent Escalades that seat up to 8 people. Your child will be able to ride in style to dinner and prom with their friends. We have chauffeurs available for $50 an hour that is properly trained to escort your teenagers and their party to the dance. Our prices on chauffeured Escalades are less than a typical limo rental. Enalux offers the perfect solution to your prom night needs. Our professional drivers will bring a spacious and luxurious Escalade right to your door.


When your young people and their friends are riding in our vehicles that are escorted by our highly professional chauffeur, you will not need to worry about their safety. Our staff is prepared to handle your teenagers with care and provide adult supervision while they are in the vehicle. Our staff will only drive the young people at safe speeds and to the designated locations that you have specified. You will not have to worry about their safety on the road or poor prom night decisions they may make. When you rent an Escalade from Enalux, you can feel confident that your teenagers will arrive at each destination on time and safely.


Enalux is committed to you and your family to provide the best option for an escort to prom night. You can chose to rent an Escalade with the assistance of a chauffeur, or rent a luxury vehicle that you escort your teenagers. Whatever your needs are for prom night, we will make sure that you have a luxury car that is in pristine condition. We make sure that all vehicles have undergone a thorough inspection before they leave the lot.

Be sure to book your rentals early to ensure that we have a vehicle for your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the members of our team at 1-888-959-4161. We are here to assist you in any way that you need. Let us help you see why Enalux is the best choice for prom night rentals.

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Rent Out Your Car For Profit

If you own a luxury car, consider renting it out a few days a month to make a profit. You can safely and easily make your car work for you. Enalux is here to provide guidance and council in the renting your car out. Our qualified and professional staff will walk you through each part of the process. Renting your car out to others will bring great benefits to you.


You can gain immense benefits from renting your car to others. Here at Enalux, we help you to rent out your luxury car for the purpose of making money. Many of our clients are able to pay their monthly car payments by renting out their exotic car. Imagine being able to drive a stunning luxury car that makes you enough money to pay for itself. You also have the ability to rent it more frequently and earn enough from the rental to pay for amazing vacations. Then you can take your car on an incredible trip that it paid for.


Enalux has safety precautions in place to keep your luxury car from harm. We are committed to helping you rent out your car to others that are good candidates for rentals. You don’t have to worry about your precious Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Escalade, or whatever luxury car you own coming into harms way. If a problem should arise while your vehicle while it is out for rent, our staff is trained to handle all complications and get your vehicle back to you in good working order.


We will take you through the entire process of renting your car. If you have a luxury or exotic vehicle that you would like to rent to others, please contact our office so that we can get started. We will guide you through the membership process and help you get on your way to renting your car. Our caring team is ready to help you turn your luxury vehicle into a profit making resource.

Many of our clients have successfully done car sharing with other responsible people. All parties involved benefit from the rental. You are able to put money in your pocket, while a renter has the ability to make their luxury car dreams come true for a special occasion.

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How to Make Money by Renting Your Car

Enalux would like to show you how your luxury car can work for you. If you are the owner of an opulent vehicle and are willing to rent it out a few days a month, you will quickly turn a profit. The process is simple, safe, and we will be here with you every step of the way. Let our professional staff help you understand the benefits of renting your car to others.


Here at Enalux, we have the resources to get you connected with others that would like to rent a luxury car for the weekend or a special occasion. All you have to do is become a member of at Enalux, and we will do the rest for you. You do not have to find individuals that are looking to rent your car, or run them through a vetting process. Our team is committed to make sure your luxury car is rented only by responsible parties. When you leave the care of your exotic vehicle in our hands, you won’t have to worry.


You will be surprised at how much money you can earn by renting out your car. Imagine being able to pay the monthly payments on your luxury car by sharing your car with others only 5-7 days a month. If you have been dreaming of owning an exotic car, but you weren’t sure how to afford the monthly payments, this can be the solution to your problem. When you choose to rent your car out to others, you have the opportunity to turn the profit you desire. If all you are looking to do is pay your monthly vehicle payment you can easily do that in a few days a month. Should you be willing to rent your car out more often, you’ll make enough money to save up for something big.


When you leave the renting process up to our caring and qualified team, you won’t have to worry about your car. We make sure that only responsible individuals rent your vehicle. Before each and every time your car leaves the lot, we do a thorough inspection with the renter and make a note of any marks we see. When your luxury car is returned to us, we do another thorough inspection noting any changes in the vehicle. We will make certain that you receive your vehicle in the condition it was dropped off.

Let Enalux help you make money by renting your car out for a few days a month.

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Rent an Enalux car when you are only 21

Rent an Enalux car when you are 21

If you are 21 or older and would like to rent a car for a special occasion or trip, then Enalux has a deal for you. We have a long line of luxury cars to choose from for whatever your rental needs are. Not only do we rent to those that are 21 without additional fees, our vehicle selection is above the ordinary. You won’t be disappointed in your rental from Enalux.


When you are under the age of 25, every car rental place here in Columbus, Ohio will charge you an additional fee of $25 per day for whatever vehicle you rent. Here at Enalux, not only do we not have that fee, our vehicle selection is out of the ordinary. Don’t just settle for whatever vehicle other car rental agencies stock, rent from us and receive a luxury ride for your special occasion. All you need to rent one of our exotic vehicles is a full coverage insurance policy.


Enalux offers an opulent selection of exotic cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, and convertibles that will leave a lasting impression. We also have a wide selection of BMW’s, Porsches, Cadillacs, Mercedes, and other luxury cars that will meet any of your rental needs.


There are many great reasons to rent these exceptional vehicles from Enalux. Whether you need an amazing car for a wedding, birthday, getaway weekend, or another special occasion, we have the answer for you. Our exotic cars are affordable and completely available to you as soon as you turn 21. We don’t believe in penalizing drivers that haven’t reached 25, yet. As long as you have a full coverage insurance policy, you will be able to drive away in a car of your dreams.

Here at Enalux, our exceptional staff are ready to get you in a luxury car to meet your rental needs. Please take a look at our incredible exotic car selection to find the vehicle that will most suit your cause. You can call us with any of your questions at 1-888-959-4161.

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Enalux is the Best Way to Arrive at Your High School Reunion

With your high school reunion coming up, Enalux provides the best way for you to show your classmates the name you have made for yourself. Whether you are traveling in to the event or live in the area, utilizing a luxurious car rental service in Columbus, Ohio will guarantee you turn heads.


Choosing a luxury car rental doesn’t have to blow your budget. Enalux provides a long line of reasonably priced Ohio car rentals. We believe that rentals should be luxurious and fun, not just practical. Our convertibles, Mercedes, BMW’s, Audis, Porches, Range Rovers, Bentleys and other exotic cars will bring you conveniences along with style.


An exotic car rental gives you the opportunity to express who you are in your car choice, not what you are bound by financially. Show your old class members who you are today with a luxurious car that matches your personality. A sporty car like an exotic Ferrari or ferocious Lamborghini will communicate that you have become a fun and exciting person. Roll up in a stylish BMW or chic Audi and show them you have made good and adventurous choices with your life. With an exciting Jaguar car rental you will show your classmates you have a sensible side, but you know how to party. Better and cheaper than a limo rental.


Enalux works with the Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland communities to provide luxury solutions to your car rental issues. We promise to rent only the best kept vehicles in all of the area. Our professional staff is here to meet your luxury and exotic car rental needs. With our services, you can feel confident that we are capable of meeting all of your rental needs met.

Whether you are looking for a luxury car rental for a special event, gift, getaway weekend, or airport pick up, Enalux will bring you the very best in exotic and luxurious car rentals. Please be sure to check out our exceptional vehicle rental page. Contact our caring and professional staff at 1-888-959-4161.

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Smart Luxury Car Rental

If you are looking for a luxurious car rental solution for a special occasion, weekend getaway, or gift, then Enalux Car Rentals in Columbus, Ohio is for you. With our wide range of opulent vehicles, you will be able to find the right luxury vehicle to meet your desires. Enalux is the leading luxury car rental establishment in Columbus and Dayton.


Many times, a limousine is the first luxury car that comes to mind when you think of a vehicle for a special occasion. When you rent a limo, you are only able to have it for a maximum of three hours. With Enalux, you have the ability to rent a luxurious car for the entire weekend at no greater cost. With limousines priced anywhere from $150 or more per hour, you can rent the car you really want for two days. We offer a variety of Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s, Convertibles, Porsches; these are just to name a few. You will ride in style in the car of your choice. We have a fine line of high quality vehicles at your disposal.


Enalux offers a wide range of magnificent vehicles that are guaranteed to fit your party size. Our Escalades will fit up to eight individuals and provide a spacious and indulgent experience for your group. With any purchase over $500 from Enalux, one of our qualified professionals will conveniently deliver your rental right to your door. No matter which of our luxurious cars you desire, we are always ready to meet your needs.


Here at Enalux, we guarantee the ride of your life. Before any model is rented, a thorough inspections of the vehicle is conducted. All vehicles that are rented from us are of the highest quality and always kept in pristine condition. We are confident that you will not be disappointed when you rent one of the exotic and luxurious cars Enalux secures. We are committed to bringing premium luxurious car rentals to Columbus, Ohio.

Whatever your budget is for a car rental, Enalux will be able to provide an incredible choice for your specific needs. Contact us today at 1-888-959-4161.

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Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland Airport Luxury Car Renal

When you are going to fly into the Columbus International Airport (CMH), making the right car rental choice is not hard. Enalux provides luxury cars that can be scheduled to pick you up from the airport when you arrive. We strive to bring the best in luxury car rentals to Columbus, Ohio.

Cost Effective:

Enalux provides an affordable option to boring airport car rentals. We have competitive prices and are able to almost match the cost of airport car rentals with one of our spacious, luxurious rentals. For example, a minivan will cost you upwards of $99 a day plus 22% interest fees plus sales tax, from CMH. Our Escalades rent for $147 a day plus sales tax. With our pricing, opulent vehicle selections, and curbside convenience, an Enalux luxury car rental will provide you great benefits.


It is our commitment to provide the best in extravagant luxury car rental in the Columbus Cleveland and Dayton area. Our selection will add to the convenience and comfort of your out of town stay. We offer exotic car rentals such as Lamborghinis, Jaguars, Porsches, and convertibles. Also, we have a variety of BMW’s, Audis, Bentleys, Cadillacs, and other luxurious vehicles for you to choose from. All of our luxury car rentals provide the rider with convenience, comfort, and style.


Enalux guarantees that before each vehicles leaves our premises, we make certain the luxury car is in pristine condition. Our qualified and professional personnel will drive your rental right to the curb of Columbus International Airport. We are ready to provide you excellent service and take you step by step through the car rental process to ensure your safety. Our staff are more than willing to assist you in loading baggage and providing amenities that you might require. Let us know every way we can help you. Our professional staff is ready to assist you any way we can.

Please take a look at our luxury and exotic car rentals. Feel free to contact a knowledgeable member of our team at 1-888-959-4161. Enalux is committed to making your out of town stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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The Ultimate Gift Luxury Car Rental

If you need an impressionable gift to give a business relation, Enalux of Columbus, Ohio has the right option for you. With a vast array of luxurious car rentals to choose from, Enalux will provide a gift that will leave a lasting impact on those that you work with. Whatever the occasion, giving a luxury car rental to your boss, employees, or fellow co-workers will be sure to keep them talking for years to come.


Enalux is committed to bringing the Columbus Dayton and Cleveland areas the best in exotic and luxury car rentals. To celebrate bosses day, consider pulling up to the office in a Porsche or an Audi car rental and handing your boss the keys for the weekend. Give a Cadillac or Mercedes-Benz to the secretary to show your appreciation for how well they handle the office. Send an employee off on a weekend business trip in a stunning BMW or convertible car rental. For an alternative to mundane airport car rentals, have a Lamborghini waiting for out of town associates.


Enalux provides an exciting alternative to generic gift giving at a price you can afford. Enalux is the top in exotic and luxury car rentals in Columbus, Ohio. We provide high quality vehicles at a cost that is reasonable. With a luxurious car rental, your associates will feel the value you place on them. Bestow the gift of prestige to your boss, employees, or fellow associates by giving them a luxury car that fits your budget.

Contact Us:

Take a look at our website and check out our great selection of luxury cars. We work hard to make sure you have the vehicle that meets your needs. With the prestigious selection of Audis, Lamborghinis, convertibles, BMW’s, Porsches, and other exoctic cars, you can provide your boss, employees, and other associates a luxurious ride. Contact us at 1-888-959-4161 today to set up the rental of your choice.

Our qualified associates are here to help you with all of your questions. Enalux is committed to bring the Columbus Dayton and Cleveland areas the best luxury car rentals you can find.

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Special Wedding Packages Available

Enalux is offering the following special event and wedding packages for the 2013 season!

Wedding Package
~72 hour rental
~Free unlimited car washes
~Delivery and pickup of the vehicle
~Deluxe Wedding Vehicle Decoration Kit with installation. (Custom Just Married License Plates, Honeycomb Wedding Bells, Tassels, Decorated White Balloons, 4 Metal Bins attached with white 62inch white ribbons )
~ Up to a 3 hours extension free of charge

Birthdays/Special Event Package
~72 hour rental.
~Free unlimited car washes.
~Delivery and pickup of the vehicle
~Vehicle wrapped as a present with a Giant Red Bow.
~Up to a 5 hour extension free of charge.

Packages includes their choice of any of the following vehicles
Bmw Z4 DropTop
Mercedes Clk350 Convertible
Cadillac Escalade ESV
Supercharged Range Rover
Price per package $779 plus tax

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How to find the best exotic car rental service?

During these days that the internet is already a common thing to everyone, it is highly suggested that you should find the right car rental company in Usa through the internet. With just a few clicks on your computer, you will soon come up with a list of available rent mercedes. Bmw, Audi, R8 service providers in the state.

There is a particular Exotic Car Rental that can truly provide the best car rental services in the country and is known as Enalux.

Enalux Car Rental, is considered as one of the best and one of the most trusted car rental companies in Ohio and all over the Northern America. It’s a car rental company that provides customers with peer to peer car rental services. The company is proud enough to provide their customers with well-qualified and expert drivers and a good list of luxury cars for every customer to choose from. This will ensure you that you will truly have a safe and enjoyable ride all throughout the places in Ohio where you really want to go. So if you are looking for a luxury car at affordable prices that you can rent in a day, a week, or a month, make sure that you choose Enalux, the finest marketplace for Exotic Car Rental.

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