Rent an Enalux car when you are only 21

Rent an Enalux car when you are 21

If you are 21 or older and would like to rent a car for a special occasion or trip, then Enalux has a deal for you. We have a long line of luxury cars to choose from for whatever your rental needs are. Not only do we rent to those that are 21 without additional fees, our vehicle selection is above the ordinary. You won’t be disappointed in your rental from Enalux.


When you are under the age of 25, every car rental place here in Columbus, Ohio will charge you an additional fee of $25 per day for whatever vehicle you rent. Here at Enalux, not only do we not have that fee, our vehicle selection is out of the ordinary. Don’t just settle for whatever vehicle other car rental agencies stock, rent from us and receive a luxury ride for your special occasion. All you need to rent one of our exotic vehicles is a full coverage insurance policy.


Enalux offers an opulent selection of exotic cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, and convertibles that will leave a lasting impression. We also have a wide selection of BMW’s, Porsches, Cadillacs, Mercedes, and other luxury cars that will meet any of your rental needs.


There are many great reasons to rent these exceptional vehicles from Enalux. Whether you need an amazing car for a wedding, birthday, getaway weekend, or another special occasion, we have the answer for you. Our exotic cars are affordable and completely available to you as soon as you turn 21. We don’t believe in penalizing drivers that haven’t reached 25, yet. As long as you have a full coverage insurance policy, you will be able to drive away in a car of your dreams.

Here at Enalux, our exceptional staff are ready to get you in a luxury car to meet your rental needs. Please take a look at our incredible exotic car selection to find the vehicle that will most suit your cause. You can call us with any of your questions at 1-888-959-4161.

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